I have gotten a lot out of my time with Heather and feel she has helped me tremendously. I know there is still more to be done. I feel truly blessed to have her in my life. Not only have I benefited but my family has as well.

I am able to fit into a dress that I haven't been able to fit in in more than a year!!! I'm SO excited!!

Heather just wanted to say this is the best I've ever felt on a road trip in a few years. Only 1% some times of being a little uncomfortable but that's it. You have done a great job! Thank you!


Three days in a row I have been awake and functioning at or before 7AM and then today I did not hit a wall around 2-3PM. It is the first time in longer than I can remember where either of those things have happened. Thank you Heather for getting me to this point. Fingers crossed it continues as we work through the crap that is my health.


Original sleep study 5 yrs ago and I was waking up 22 times an hour. This time the test was normal. So exciting because I am NEVER normal. I believe all the stuff we are working on has made sleep better. I sleep from 11pm to 5:30am. I wake up not feeling hung over and pretty bright eyed and busy tailed.


Thank you for the wonderful consult! Finally, someone that listens and has great ideas!


I saw these blocks and immediately thought of you and all the wonderful gifts you give to people everyday. Your thoughtful and mindful care is an inspiration to us all. Without you so many of us would be lost. I want you to know how much I appreciate you and all you've done for me.


My husband bought me an Apple Watch. It has this activity app that counts your steps and shows how far you've walked in a given day plus gives you a monthly average. He marked out on our property a circle and it's 1/3 a mile. I have been walking two miles a day to include my regular activity. Heather I never would have been able to do this without your help. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for you. I'm getting my self back!

Ladies and gentlemen this woman knows her stuff, if you listen and follow what she says you will heal and feel great again.

The best decision ever was to hire Heather Conley as my hubby's functional medicine practitioner. She triaged us tonight helping us tremendously so he didn't have to go to the ER and deal with them barely doing anything and not getting to the root cause. Heather is absolutely amazing!! We can't thank you enough for all of your help!!


I can't believe this is finally happening. Finally! All in total from my highest weight since I got sick I've lost 25 pounds. I have seen massive improvement of my health and weight since seeing you. I'm ecstatic!

I want to preface this testimonial by saying I've been working with this client for several months. The healing process takes time and through lots of testing we are getting answers. This testimonial comes less than a week after my recommendations just four days prior to this testimonial.

Heather, since beginning the progesterone first thing in the morning and eliminating the bi est I am feeling way way better. I am not getting so many hot flashes. I seem to be having better stamina as well as better sleep. After I got done being overwhelmed with the thought of weening off of the drenamin, i realized that we have so many answers now and more to come that we now have definitive proof of what is wrong and how to treat it and that gives me incredible hope. I can't wait to see where I can go with this new hope. Thank you Heather for sticking by me.


For the first time in I don't know how many years, I woke up with hope this morning. Hope that we will get down to the "root causes" of what has been plaguing me for years. I had a great consult with a functional medicine practitioner last night. I kept to myself some of the things I thought might be going on and had brought up to my regular doctor. Surprisingly, unknowing to her, she agreed with many. After so many years of doctors blowing off my concerns or telling me it was in my head or just part of getting old it was validation that I am NOT crazy.

I have a list of labs she would like me to have done through my doctor - yes part of this is working in tandem with my regular doctor to figure out the root causes and then treat me. Not willy nilly toss meds at me because modern medicine either has no clue or just gives up. Is it on the expensive side - at first glance it might be but last night I added up what I have spent on tests and regular doctor appointments over the past few years and let's just say I could have bought a couple of brand new cars with what insurance and myself have paid. So, in the big scheme of life, no this isn't expensive at all. I have a grandson that I want to see me grow old, who I want to be able to run and play with. I don't want to be the "old and sick" Grammy that can't take him places or have fun with. I am so excited about this and what it can do for my life... not waking up in pain every day, no constant fatigue, no bone pain, no headaches, no walking into walls due to dizziness, no body zaps/tingles, etc. The list is long and sometimes just pretending I am fine is exhausting. It will be so nice to respond honestly that I am good when someone asks how I am.


All I know is that due to your efforts my wife is almost 100% pain-free. She sure wasn't before she met you. Thank you very much.


I'm so thankful I chose to consult with you and have regular sessions with you Heather. I finally know my root causes. I finally know how to proceed to healing. I know it's going to be a long bumpy road, but I have answers. Finally! After 20 years of being ill I finally have a path to wellness. That would not have happened had I not taken the chance.


I am a functional medicine educator and can speak very highly of Heather's skills and expertise. Especially for the rich and complex cases where conventional medicine has not yielded many answers or much relief, she is a fantastic resource.


Heather since starting with you we have found answers to why my body is not working correctly. Most of the meds I have been on are just treating the symptoms not the root. I have been ill all my life. I have been able to stop some of my medications and quality of life. Thank you for what you do.


Hi Heather! I really enjoyed talking with you yesterday! You are very knowledgeable and I feel confident that you can help me.


Last year I was at my wits end with my chronic pain. I'd pray daily for God to help me and I believe he did by bringing Heather into my life. Heather is such an amazing person. She is my heath coach and without her I'd still be in a not only a crazy amount of pain but completely unhealthy. Heather can get to the root cause of your illness. It takes time and commitment but she will get you there! Heather, you are a true blessing in my life.


I am so thankful for you. I have hope! I have never had so much hope. Someone is listening to me. I'm just so blessed. I feel like I'm going to get fixed!


Just want to tell you ladies out there, without Heather I would still be going to a lot of doctors. She knows her stuff and I'm 98% pain free for the first time in many years.


Had a consult with a gal a few weeks ago. She decided to work with me and is truly motivated to feel her best. Had my first session with her today. From my initial recommendations she's sleeping better, more calm, less bloated and is off three of her meds!

A huge THANK YOU!! With all the things I've learned from you my fibro is very minimal and that has allowed me to live and ride again. I would never have come this far without your advice and encouragement!


You've helped me more than anyone has in a very long time.


I just wanted to share something with you. I have 7:30am conference calls on Tuesday. Usually I set my alarm for 645 and hit snooze until 725 or so and then grab my laptop and take the call in bed. Today I woke up at 630 with more energy than I have had in a very long time! I was able to take a shower and get myself ready before the call. No snooze button used!


Get Started

I can't believe how crappy I used to feel and be able to get through life. I felt like I was pulling myself around by my shirt. I can't believe how far we've come.

Just want to share. It wasn't easy, but I unloaded and reloaded my dishwasher. I accomplished one load of laundry and made my bed. To do these things in less than an hour is amazing! I have now lost a total of 10 pounds, something I've been trying to do for 7 years. To think, WE have just gotten started is very encouraging!!

Testimonial of the day!
I made it thru a very stressful weekend and Monday with no meltdowns or tears. I honestly don't want to hide in the closet tonight.

Are you suffering from anxiety? Do you just want to hide in a closet? I can help. Set up your consult today!

It is 10:00 a.m. here. On my day off I got my kids off to school, my car cleaned, showered and I am now off to renew my passport. Sounds like a normal day for most people. Me, normally I would still be in bed. For those who are concerned about the cost, what would you pay for an extra four hours in your day?

~Kim C.

I have to say something here and feel free to delete if you feel it is inappropriate. I couldn't afford your consultation fee immediately, so I saved up for it. I also explained that I will be saving every penny to work with you for a few months. Without insurance though, I save for every doctor visit and every round of medication. I received my first herbal recommendations from you 3 days ago AND my tummy can already feel a small difference. I can't imagine what a month will do. So, after years of suffering, I've finally decided to put my health first. My family is as excited for me as I am! They want to see me healthy and are willing to do whatever they can to help. It is so very worth it, even if I had to save for a little while. I've never found a western medicine doctor so willing to work as hard to find the root cause and certainly not one that takes the time you do to *truly listen* to what I'm saying!! I'm worth it!!!


I just got back from a concert. I was on my feet for 3 hours jumping around and really having a good time. I don't think I could have done that without your help. Thank you.


Just feel I must share. Both of my parents are in tears. My daddy, recently retired because of knee replacement surgery gone very wrong, just offered to go back to work, give me everything in his savings, whatever it takes. They are so thrilled to hear me speak of getting help from someone who cares. I will not take their little bit of savings, but will absorb the support and love they are giving. YOU ROCK! Now, I am even more excited and hubby is fully supportive. He told me that I am worth the expense and made me feel loved. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Since our consult I am way less constipated! I never saw this improvement when I was seeing my naturopath.


I worked with Heather two years ago. One years worth of help did me so much good. I no longer have issues with migraines or my joints. My fibromyalgia has been under control thanks to her advice and recommendations. My gut issues have also been resolved. I think I go see my regular doctor only if I get a cold. Before working with Heather I lived at the doctors office. I am thankful to her for her help.


Heather, I've said this before. Recently, in fact, but I need to say it again. My life is literally changing for the better every single day. Usually, I remember something you told me about a few months ago or 4 days ago. I can't go grocery shopping without thinking of your advice. When I eat, I think, is this gonna benefit and heal? Granted, I have a sick addiction to fruit loops so I need to not have them in the house anymore. LOL But even so, my thought process is dramatically changing. "What can I do today to facilitate my bodies ability to heal itself?" "I know I hurt to move and I know I didn't do yoga or squats but what can I do to move, today? Anything. Just get up and move. Stretch!" "What can I do today for myself to feel better about myself, cuz I'm important and I deserve it!" This is the stuff that goes through my head, now! Thank you! And thank you, God for this pretty great lady!


So today my mind was all like we are going to clean this house, do laundry, cook dinner and take a shower and maybe do hair... then my body said ummmmmm no your crazy! I am so over all this crap. I did get back my salvia test which I think pretty much confirmed what my awesome health coach predicted. I know once she gets settled in her move she will get me on something to start healing my adrenals along with everything else I'm going through. Seriously people if you suffer from fibromyalgia, thyroid, adrenal, heart and liver issues and over all chronic illness like I do, you need this amazing woman in your life! Heather can't wait to talk/skype with you. You are my rock in all this medical craziness! I guess my husband will just have to look at me being and the house being a hot mess again but I do have dinner on!!!!


Heather, I met you a bit more than a year ago through this page and I can't begin to tell you what a blessing that has been. You are quite literally changing my life on a daily basis. Your knowledge, passion, compassion and enormous heart have been a constant positive in my life. I thank God for you, all the time. Thank you for allowing God to do his work through you! That is such an awesome thing! Many of us wonder why we have these invisible diseases. We wonder what good could possibly come of having fibromyalgia or migraines or chronic fatigue or arthritis or lupus or other numerous issues. Why does God allow this to happen? Then we are blessed to run across you and others like you who, in your suffering, have taken these issues and turned them all upside-down by taking control of them rather than them controlling you. Then, you teach us how to do that! My progress is very slow but I'm still shuffling forward! I have tears on my face as I type this because I am so thankful for you. You have not just become my coach but my mentor, my confidant and my friend.


I just really wanted to give a shout out to Heather! This past year I have finally gotten my health under control. I had a problem with my thyroid which is finally being treated, my pain is under control, I am med free (besides the dessicated thyroid hormone which is natural not synthetic) and I am feeling better than I have in years. I am down 60 lbs and at my ideal weight. I work out 5 days a week and run 5 km 3 days a week. I feel absolutely amazing and all this is thanks to Heather! 3 years ago I was lost and ready to give up. Heather you probably don't know it but you saved me and motivated me and I just needed to say THANK YOU!!


Due to my chronic pain I've hired an amazing functional medicine practitioner. Before Heather I found myself doing nothing but popping pills and sleeping my life away. Since finding Heather I've lost 7lbs, got off my pain medication, my pain levels have dropped almost 50% and eating 75% cleaner than I ever have. My main goal is to be able to manage my chronic pain without medication.


This is tmi. Just had sex with my hubby. Best sex I've had in while. Wow! Thank you!


Hi just wanted to let you know I gave up dairy about one month ago and I have had normal bms except for one or two. So I think I found the culprit to my stools thanks to you.


I really enjoyed speaking with you. I am eager to start feeling better. It is amazing how you got so much information off the labs. I am excited to be working with you.


Let me first start by thanking Heather. I heard of her on Facebook about August of last year. At first when I read about her being able to help you with Fibromyalgia I was very hesitant about having her help me. To be honest with you I thought... "hmmm is this just another person just wanting to take your money?" I wasn't sure because I didn't even know her. I decided to give Heather a chance October of last year while I was also on a trial medication with my doctor. I contacted Heather and I signed up with her. Things did not get better overnight. I had my days where I was feeling bad, but I would ask her and she would help me. Every time I would go to my doctor, I would mention what I started taking and he would agree with it. He would tell me not to stop the supplements Heather recommended. In May of this year, the trial medication stopped and my doctor suggested we see how I did without it. I kept taking my supplements and when I saw him a couple of weeks ago I gave him a list of all things I was taking. He told me to continue them and also to go gluten free, which is exactly what Heather has been telling me. It is a process to be gluten free but I can tell you I eat more veggies than before and I have learned to use lots of spices in my foods. I cook all the time so that has helped me. In April I was at 215lbs. Since then I have made more changes with my eating and supplements per Heather's suggestion. My weight little by little is coming off. Right now I'm at 189lbs and it's been 5 months. For about 3 weeks now I have been able to jog for a longer period of time without being in lots of pain, especially in my legs which is where my Fibromyalgia started. If I have a question I ask Heather and she can give me the answer. My stomach has never felt better! My Fibromyalgia symptoms started when I was 24 years old and I was not diagnosed until I was 29. When I started this journey I was taking 20 pills a day, including vicodin 3 times a day. Now everything I take is all natural. They are helping my stomach instead of ripping it apart like the prescriptions were doing. I feel like I did when I was 20 years old. I am able to do my job for a longer period of time and am now able to exercise, completing 4.8 or more miles without being in pain. It is like I'm in heaven! Heather guides you and she knows how to help you. I thank her every day for helping me.


Heather I just wanted to say thank you for having me get certain lab work done. They have found some things wrong with my thyroid which is really off. I just want to tell you thank you so much because without you having me get certain lab panels done they would've never found out that my thyroid was really off kilter. So again I just want to tell you thank you for the help that you've given me so far.


This morning I woke up to a message that one of my clients that has been working with me for six months, putting in the work, making the changes and NOT giving up is finally seeing a substantial movement on the scale. What I try to explain to my clients is that, when you are inflamed, weight loss will be the last thing to go as a result of addressing the inflammation. I know how hard that can be to hear. I know not everyone would keep doing the work anyway. I know you all don't know her story but this beautiful lady has been through the ringer. But not once did she give up. She trusted me and the process but most importantly she trusted in her ability to heal herself. So very blessed to be a part of her journey.

I saw my full reflection in a window, today. It's the first time in more years than I remember, that I didn't see a beached whale! I almost cried! I haven't lost hardly any weight this whole month but I think it's how I see myself that's changing.

My photo was in an article from Tucson Lifestyle from 1 year ago and people are commenting on how different I look from last year....commenting in a positive way....I say I owe it all to Heather Green my functional medicine practictioner.