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  1. Don’t Give Up!

    July 16, 2016 by Heather

    I received a message this morning from a client that was so excited she lost 15 pounds, even after being on vacation! This was huge for this particular client because she has been having difficulty losing weight due to the inflammation in her body.  I know her internal struggle.  I’ve been there for the tears.  This made my morning. When we are very inflamed, weight loss, will be the last thing to go as a result of addressing the inflammation.  I know sometimes this is hard to hear. 

    It occurred to me after receiving that message that often, as practitioners, our clients journeys closely mirror our own.  There are no accidents.  This message today started me thinking about my own journey and how it mirrors hers since moving to New Mexico.  If you read my last blog post you know the story of my stressed out existence prior to my big move here.  Soon after I moved, I started putting on weight and couldn’t figure out why.  Sometimes, as a health coach, it is hard to be objective with yourself.  It is not as easy to unravel your own puzzle than it is to unravel a clients.  Let’s look at the onion and peel its layers back.  I was in an abusive relationship, lived in another stressful situation when I left that abusive relationship, moved twice (one across the country), went of birth control pills, increased my thyroid meds and stopped my antibiotics for the Lyme.  My poor adrenals!  My confused body did not know what end was up. I know what I would say to client.  Not so easy to have that talk with yourself.  I’m patient with my clients.  I meet them where they are at.  So very hard to do when it is you.

    I can see how my clients can get frustrated.  I’ve been in this situation before myself.  Why work out and eat right when I continue to put on weight, or at least am not able to lose it?  This is the mentality that lurks in the back of my head.  And I’m sure it lurks in the back of my clients heads.  And for those of you that know my story, weight gain for a person with a history of eating disorders is equally devastating. 

    But I continued on, doing my daily workouts and eating clean, confident that I would unravel the mystery.  Thank goodness for my boyfriend that didn’t throw me out of the house!  😉  Sometimes, as practitioners, we need to step outside of our own demons to see the bigger picture.  Sometimes our clients that are going through similar things help us to do that.  At this point, I’m pretty confident I’m on the right track and have answers with the help of some recent labs.  This morning I went for a run and was faster and less tired than I was last week, validation that what I’m doing is working, maybe just not as fast as I’d like.  Hey I’m human! 

    I know sometimes it would be easier to throw in the towel, to sit on the couch with a bag of pretzels.  Trust me, it was tempting.  But if I hadn’t continued to move, if I hadn’t continued to eat clean then I would be worse off than I am.  It is so easy to keep going when you are seeing forward progress.  It can be so frustrating when you are working hard and not seeing the results you’d like.  But once your body catches up and once you address the issues that are causing your body to hang onto the weight and inches, you WILL see the results and all the efforts of clean eating and exercise will have paid off. 

    If you’d like help getting to the root causes of why you are stuck, I’d love to help.  I know my journey has been helpful to many of my clients but their journey’s have equally blessed me in helping my own self to heal. 

    I’d love to hear your story.  Feel free to send me a message or share in the comments below!


    Peace & Love!


  2. Traveling? Great tips from your Fibro peers!

    May 12, 2016 by Heather


    I have had several requests from my clients on tips on how to travel well with Fibro.  Recently, I put up a post on my Fit With Fibro page asking for traveling tips from my followers because, after all, they know best right??  So instead of blathering on about my own tips, I wanted to share what my followers shared.   So that I keep their information in tact, I’m going to provide their information in quotes, without names, to protect privacy.   I hope that this is helpful!  And at the end I’ll add my own tips if anything important was missed.  Feel free to comment below if you have a tip that was not mentioned.

    “I’ve noticed that sitting upright really wears me out, so I try to recline as much as possible while also trying to make sure my low back and sitz bones are properly supported.”

    “Make sure you have your enough of your meds to make the trip and back too. Nothing sucks worse than hassling with a pharmacy to get your meds in another state.”

    “Go in with a positive time!!!!”

    “Wear loose fitting comfortable garb. Nothing worse than a pinching waistline, especially if your fibro is flaring and you’re hypersensitive.”

    “Yoga pants and a cami undershirt with a built in shelf bra are my best friends on a road trip!”

    “I love compression wear for flights. Lulu lemon has the best, in my opinion. I also don’t wear jewelry and wear my hair up to minimize external over sensitization. I plan my outfit for the airport very well to ease taking off and putting on things. I also cut out and carry all my paper prescription receipts (from the pharmacy with your name and the dosage) in my wallet just in case. Headphones with pre downloaded songs or audio books or assisted meditation for cars or the plane. A coloring book works well, too. Makes the time go by quickly.”

    “If traveling by car take frequent breaks and make yourself get out and walk. Carry nutritious snacks with you because it is sometimes difficult to find them on the road.”

    “Stay hydrated. Take blankets and pillows on a road trip. Travel with flexible clothes; I don’t wear a belt when I have to sit a long time. Yoga pants and a shelf bra help me stay relatively comfortable on long trips. Build in rest times and try not to plan more than one thing at a set time each day, but have a prioritized list of other activities that you can do for good days. If you’re going to be standing or walking a lot, compression socks will help your legs go the distance (if you can stand the pressure).”

    “Make sure you travel companions know about your illness. Know the schedule so you can identify when you may need to rest or take a break from the group, pack healthy snacks like nuts, give yourself time to rest before departure and after arrival! !!! People tend to pack their days with activities when on vacation, it’s okay for some people but not the fibro body.  If you find spots in the day to rest you are more likely to maintain activity level throughout the trip. This means you have to be with a group that knows your limits and will understand when you have to leave early or opt out of an activity.”

    “If they are traveling very far I highly suggest a motor home, we bought one so I can lay down or recline or sit on the couch all while having a restroom handy. I also travel with a fibro “toolkit”. It has an ice bag, a rice bag I can heat, a change of looser clothes, a blanket, essential oils, peppermint candies and gum and extra meds.”

    “It’s perfectly okay to ask for help getting your luggage into and out of the overhead compartment. People are generally helpful and I’ve never had trouble when I had to ask for assistance from a fellow passenger.”

    “I get extra sore traveling especially if I’m in the vehicle a lot or in the hotel room a lot. So I always bring bath bombs I get online that have ingredients especially for fibro suffers. At the end of the day I can take a relaxing bath and it helps a lot.”

    “We travel often – usually road trips. Most important thing for me over anything else is frequent stops to move around. Even if it’s just the side of the road. We stop at least once an hour and walk around for about 5 minutes each time.”

    “Build in rest periods. If you do something busy one day, have a mellow day the next. Listen to your body and rest when you need to.”

    “If you’re travelling by plane get your pharmacy to make a bubble pack of your meds and vitamins so you don’t have to carry a bunch of things with you.”

    “If you’re on a lengthy flight, be sure to choose an aisle seat. This allows you get up to stretch out without having to clamber over other people.”

    “Always give yourself 2-3 or more days before and after travelling,  i.e. wedding on Saturday, arrive by Wednesday at latest and limit activities until event.”

    “If you take prescription meds make sure to get prescriptions from your doctor before you leave if you don’t have enough for your trip.”

    “Make a check list. Pack a week in advance.”

    “Pace yourself. Take breaks. Stay hydrated. Take pain meds if needed (not a time to play hero). Eat light meals.”

    “Take a soft blanket. Bring your pillow from home.”

    “I take my tens unit with me and book a place with a hot tub!”

    “Stay hydrated, rest often, ask for help when you need to.”

    “Plan ahead and request a wheel chair in airports.”

    “Bring heat or cold packs, wear layers, bring option for shoes.”

    “Heated travel cushion is a must for me when traveling in the car, lots of coconut water for extra magnesium, potassium, and hydration, essential oils for relaxation and headaches, ear plugs for unexpected loud noises, loose fitting clothing, and my own pillow and blanket to make sleeping in a different place a bit easier.”

     Aren’t these such great tips from our fellow fibro warriors?  I will emphasize staying hydrated and packing healthy snacks.  I encourage my clients to eat as closely to what they eat at home as possible to avoid food reactions, digestive distress and inflammation.  I also encourage my clients to stay on their current supplement schedule.  If traveling by plane, I make sure to carry my powders in their original containers to avoid being stopped by TSA.  And I use multiple Monday-Sunday pill boxes to organize my supplements.  Just recently I have also traveled with both coconut oil and apple cider vinegar in their original containers, wrapped super, in plastic bags and in my checked bag.  They do sell a foam roller that has a hollow inside that you can store things such as underwear, socks etc. so that it isn’t a space waster.  I also travel with my heating pad and my tennis ball.  Anything that is a must at home for keeping you comfortable is a must for travel! Sometimes this takes time, effort, and creativity but it can be done.  I hope this helps you and again comment below if there is something that you swear by that is missed here!

    Peace & Love,



  3. Listen to your body…it speaks!

    March 18, 2015 by Heather



    As some of you may know I recently started a program at Integrative Nutrition.  I’m super excited to share my new knowledge with each of you!  But before I get ahead of myself I want to share some recent news I received from my doctors appointment a few weeks ago.  I had about 25 tubes of blood taken!  Ouchy!  Some of the bloodwork was an IgE food test.  I received the results back the other day and almost died.  The insurance only covers a certain amount of foods to be tested at a time but of the ones I chose about 90% of them I showed a reaction to.  These are on top of my already limited vegan, gluten free diet.  I immediately freaked out and determined I could eat buckwheat and water!!!!

    So I took a few days to let it sink in.  And this is what I came up with.  I could be totally off base and this could totally back fire but I’m giving it a whirl.  I already know my immune system is wacked out.  Not in the traditional sense of getting colds, flu’s etc.  Luckily, thanks to Shakeology and a clean diet I don’t get “normal” sick anymore but I do have a history of intestinal bacterial infections and was recently diagnosed with Chronic Lyme so my immune system in that area needs help.  What this tells me is that my body will eventually show a reaction to any food because I believe it sees it as a foreign substance.  Fun right?! 

    This leads me back to my Integrative Nutrition program.  I was listening to a lecture the other day about healing with foods and the answer came to me.  I know my body.  If I really listen I believe it will tell me what I do and do not need.  I believe it will tell me what to do.  So I’m going to make a few changes.  These changes do not include removing the items I showed a reaction to.  WHAT?!  Yup!  Going rogue here!!  I’m going to increase my grains, add in some sea veggies and add in a bit of fermented soy (which up to this point I have avoided due to its controversy).  I received a cool little journal in my IIN welcome packet and I’m going to use this to chart my journey.  I believe we are all different and what works for one won’t work for another but I’m hoping what I learn through my journey, much like my med free journey, will be helpful to someone else.  So stay tuned.  If you have any similar story in regards to food reactions I’d love to hear it!  Together we are better!


    Peace and Love!


  4. How I do Fibromyalgia…Explained!

    December 30, 2011 by Heather

    I have received alot of questions lately in regards to how I manage to exercise and stay fit while having Fibromyalgia. I have even been accused of not having it. I guess there are some people in this world that would try to pass themselves off as having fibro, but I can assure you that is not me. My goal is to help those that want the help and to be an example that life does not stop with this diagnosis. And it saddens me that someone would do this to people that are just looking for help. I’m also not sure what said person would gain from this…but I digress! I thought this would be the perfect place to address the question, comments etc. so that it can serve as a resource down the road. And I won’t lie, I don’t want to have to keep typing my story over and over! It’s hard on the fingers!!!

    My story! I was diagnosed about a year ago but I have been in pain since 2004. I have been exercising consistently since I was 10. Mom had me running with her then!! So I already had a fitness base. I did not stop when I started having pain and I did not stop when I was diagnosed. Diagnosis was actually a relief for me, as I knew exactly what was going on and I knew I wasn’t doing any damage by continuing to exercise. Now I do realize that not everyone that is diagnosed has the fitness base I had. But that does not mean you can’t start SOMEWHERE. Exercise for me makes my pain levels better, on most days. I feel a difference when I do not move. I will not lie, there are some days, like this morning, that are really rough. Did I really want to go outside this morning in the freezing cold? Heck no!!! It was cold, and we all know what that does to our muscles, and my legs hurt. They didn’t want to go this morning. I didn’t want to go this morning. But I did. And my body thanks me for it. The less you move the more you body atrophies, the more weight you put, and the more stress this puts on your body. Your body needs to be the healthiest it can be to fight this condition.

    Now yes I’m a bit stubborn! Perhaps that helps!!! A parasite three months ago couldn’t keep me down! But the way I look at is, I can let the fibro win or I can fight. Fight like hell and not let IT win! So what does someone do that was exercising but stopped because it hurt or someone who wasn’t exercising at all? You need to start slow and realize that it may hurt at first. Even those people without fibro that start an exercise program hurt for awhile! And there may be days, even after you’ve been exercising for awhile, that it will still hurt. Figure out what exercise works for you and don’t get frustrated when progression is slow. The point is, you are doing something and over time the effects will add up!

    And of course exercise is not the only component to why I “look the way I do” as some people put it. Nutrition is key and is especially key with fibro! There are so many foods that can cause an inflammatory reaction in us. Of course, we are all different and I really encourage using a food diary to figure out what foods YOUR body does not like. And we cannot forget the all important supplementation. I don’t take meds for my fibro. I manage my fibro with diet, exercise and supplementation. Again, as we are all individual, what may work for me may not work for you. Just like with meds, we need to figure out what works for us. Your doctor doesn’t start you on 5 meds at once, right? Or atleast I hope he/she doesn’t. Same thing with supplements, start one thing at a time to figure out what is working.

    You also should take a look at your sleep. If you aren’t getting proper rest you need to really look at how to get yourself to the point that you are. Your body repairs itself during REM stage sleep and if you are not getting this then your body is never repairing itself. This causes increased pain, and it becomes a vicious cycle. Many of the meds prescribed do not allow for REM stage sleep so take a look at what you’re taking and see if the problem lies there. There are so many great natural remedies for sleep!

    Since the day I got diagnosed it became my goal to help as many people with this condition as I could lead healthier lives with the least amount of pain possible. Of course, there are going to be days that are better than others. Just because I exercise and “look good” does not mean I’m not in some degree of pain daily. I am. I just choose to not let it win. Are there really bad days where I want to cry and crawl under a rock? Yes! I get it out and move on. The pets won’t get fed and the dishes won’t get done if Heather is not a functioning member of society.

    Will everyone agree with my methods? No! Will I get criticism and skepticism? Yes! Will I still get accused of not having fibro? Heck yes! Will I still get questions about how I do it? Yes, and I encourage them! I hope to be a source of inspiration to those that need it, a source of information for those that seek it and a friend to those that need it.

    Now bring on the questions!!!

    Be well!!!!

  5. Here’s a pill…it will make you feel better!

    August 3, 2011 by Heather

    Does fibromyalgia suck?  Sure it does!  Is it a death sentence?  No!  Are you destined to a life of meds?  Not necessarily! 

    So I have decided to manage my fibromyalgia naturally.  Why?  Because I think it can be done and I don’t want to rely on medication.  To be honest I am really saddened by our reliance on medication in this country.  Now I’m not saying that there isn’t a need for it in some circumstances or that I’m better than the person who does take medication but I wish that doctors wouldn’t just throw a pill at someone before trying other things first.  Because most people are so desperate they will try anything to feel better, even if that means taking a bunch of pills with a million side effects. 

    It angers me when a fellow fibro sufferer is on a multitude of pills and most times still not getting much relief.  What are all those pills doing to your body and how many side effects are you experiencing from those pills that are creating more problems beyond your original symptoms? 

    So my mission is two fold, manage my condition naturally and show others that it can be done and help them to do so. 

    Stay tuned….