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  1. The Body Beast Journey

    January 8, 2014 by Heather

    A few months ago I decided to take the plunge and do a round of Body Beast. Let me give you a little background info so you get a better picture of why this is so huge. I pack on muscle very easily and the scale and I are not the best of friends.

    Going in I knew I would put on muscle and as a result the number on the scale would most likely increase. I was well aware I would freak out as a result. I could have avoided this by staying far far away from the scale but, alas, it is an obsession. Healthy? No! But truth be told I am in a much better place mentally than I was when I started this whole Beachbody journey.

    So I am more than halfway into the program, heading into my last phase, with only four weeks left. How am I fairing? Well, the scale has gone up a few pounds. Did I freak out? Heck ya! I have put on a bunch of new muscle and I am seeing my body take on a totally different shape. I’m enjoying lifting again. It takes me back to my body building days.
    But to my amazement I’m trusting the process and even though that scale still freaks me out I’m ok with it. Because despite that I seem to be smaller in certain areas and tighter, I’m seeing some awesome new definition and I know I needed to do this in order to get the results I’ve been looking for. When I started Chalean Extreme a couple years ago I never completed the program as written because the second the scale went up or my legs got a little bigger I would freak out. So this, to me, is a huge step in the right direction in regards to my journey towards healing from something that has burdened me for so long. I thank Beachbody every day because it has taken me on this wonderful journey toward self love!

    So what’s next for me? A Brazil Butt Lift/Insanity hybrid! I’m looking forward to shredding this new muscle up!

    Be well my friends!

  2. I did it! 21 days on the Ultimate Reset!

    May 21, 2012 by Heather

    I, Heather Conley, managed to go 21 days without doing a strenuous workout! How do I feel after the reset? Digestion is fantastic! Pain levels are still high but I’m only one day out.

    This morning I did Les Mills Pump and it was tough! I guess that’s why they say to come back at 50%! I’m feeling it now! I’m feeling my bad shoulder and knee so I’m thinking I need some joint support before I resort to a cortisone injection.

    I was excited to have something other than fruit for breakfast! I had some quinoa with blueberries, coconut milk and chia seeds.

    For lunch I had my salad which I’ll continue. I was super excited to have a chocolate Shakeology for a snack! I drank it super slow so I could notice if it bothered me. So far so good! I do think I’ll alternate chocolate and tropical though.

    For dinner I had black bean chili with avocado and brown rice chips. Super yummy! Before bed I’ll do my protein shake in water. Instead of having my piece of chocolate Shakeology bark I’m drinking my water and will have some tea in a bit.

    So what were my results? I lost 5 pounds and a whopping 6.75 inches! I’m astonished really! I didn’t think I had anything to lose and had recently lost over 4 inches with Les Mills Pump. I’m very excited to see what round 2 of Les Mills Pump brings! Enjoying the journey!

    Be well!!