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  1. Feed The Machine!

    August 18, 2015 by Heather

    Feed the machine

    Ok guys it’s time to have a real conversation about why you’re not eating enough food!  And I know this is a whole bunch of you!  How do I know this??  Because I talk to SO many of you every day and the conversation usually goes something like this.  Me….”How’s your diet?”  You….”Well I don’t eat much.”

    OY!!!  Ok so I’m not writing this to yell at you but to educate you and hopefully help you turn it around!  Let’s just think about this.  Fibro peeps tend to suffer from lack of energy yes?  Add to this not enough fuel during the day and you have a recipe for disaster!  Let me put it like this.  You wouldn’t expect your car to run without any fuel right?  So you can’t expect your body to do the same.  You can’t expect it to run as optimally as possible with little to no fuel to keep it going. 

    Ok ok I know it’s tough to eat right when we feel poopy right?  I get it!!!  So we must figure out ways to prep ahead of time to be prepared for those days.  Because if you eat like crap when you feel like crap you will invariably feel more like crap!  So by putting good, clean food into your body when it needs it most is SO SO important!  I cannot stress this enough.  And it’s a piece so many people miss. 

    So what can you do to prep ahead of time?  Make food in bulk that you can freeze so that you always have a healthy go to in the freezer.  Use your crockpot.  I love that thing!  Set it and forget it!   Keep healthy staples on hand that are quick and nutritious.  I swear by Shakeology for when I don’t want to or feel like cooking.  And might I mention it’s great for the hot summer!  I know I’m getting over 70+ whole food ingredients and I’m feeding my body right.  Salads are perfect too!  Easy to throw together with some protein and you have a healthy meal!  Another thing you can do is wash and cut up your veggies and some fruits ahead of time so that you can just grab and go.  Raw nuts are great for a quick, healthy snack as are veggies and hummus, fruit and nut butter etc.  Do you have tips for healthy snacks and meals I might have missed?  I’d love to hear them! 

    I think you’ll find that putting in a bit of effort to eat right and ENOUGH will go a long way to helping you to feel your best! 


    Peace & Blessings,



  2. Step away from the dark chocolate caramels!

    May 16, 2012 by Heather

    Day 17 of the Ultimate Reset. Today I went to Trader Joes and was oggling the dark chocolate covered caramels. I can normally walk by without a second glance but not today. Feeling hungry today and I think I’ve been having low blood sugar in the mornings. I seem to be ok with that after breakfast though. My pain levels are still high. Had acupuncture yesterday so hoping that helps some. I’m almost tempted to do some cardio to see if that helps but I can wait a few more days, right?

    I had my fruit for breakfast yesterday and today.

    Yesterday I had a salad for lunch and today I had the Moroccan salad which was super yummy. And of course I had half a serving of Tropical Shakeology for a snack.

    Last night for dinner I had curried cauliflower, brown rice and coconut kale. The cauliflower was fantastic like that! Tonite I had garlic veggies, millet and butternut squash.



    Today I got my alkalanize, detox and optimize so I’m ready to go post reset!

    Be well!

  3. Hide the almond butter!

    May 14, 2012 by Heather

    Today I wanted to eat my entire jar of almond butter! Fear not, I abstained!

    Day 1 of week 3 today! I missed the detox and my tummy was a little weird with the revitalize. I’m assuming that will pass though. I had some stomach upset when I started the detox too. My pain levels are still super high. It’s supposed to rain for another three days here. I’m looking forward to seeing what this week brings and some chocolate Shakeology next week!

    I’ve had my fruit for breakfast the last two days, a salad for lunch and half a tropical shakeology for a snack.

    Last night I had the roasted corn succotash again because it was that yummy and the squash with garlic tahini which was equally as yummy!

    Tonite I had garlic veggies, quinoa and sweet potato. The grain in phase 3 is optional but I’m eating it otherwise I’ll be a very hungry girl!

    Be well my friends!

  4. The Hungry Monster…

    May 4, 2012 by Heather

    Day 5 of the Ultimate Reset and I’m feeling a bit hungry.
    I slept in a bit this morning, walked the dog and took a p.m. Yoga class. Digestion seems to be on track today. I could hug my herbalist for her treatment yesterday!! My headache seems to be going away but my pain levels are still high. It is still damp and rainy here, but hoping to see the sun tomorrow!!

    Onto the food!
    For breakfast I had oatmeal. I’m so going to miss oatmeal!

    I was definitely hungry by lunch and had a nice big salad!

    I had my snack before yoga, an apple with almond butter. Oh how I love almond butter!!

    Dinner was miso soup and stir fried veggies over brown rice. Thankfully I had leftover veggies from last night and I made a big batch of brown rice earlier in the week, so dinner prep was easy! I added some spinach and celery to the miso soup for some extra oomph!

    Tonite being my regular splurge night was tough mentally. I had a cup of herbal tea and I’ve been sucking down water.

    Day 6 tomorrow and week 1 is almost over!!