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  1. Mmmm… Chocolate Shakeology bark!

    May 9, 2012 by Heather

    No, I didn’t have any but boy do I want some BAD!
    Raining here again! Do I sound like a broken record? Surpringly my pain level was not bad for the first part of the day. Then my cat got loose in the holistic vets parking lot and I had to chase her and roll under a truck to get her! Pain levels are back needless to say.
    Today I noticed my skin has a glow and my eyes are brighter. I have been noticing I’m less bloated. I’m down about 2.4 pounds. I honestly did not expect to lose much during this process as I was already vegan and lost some when I switched.

    For breakfast I had my fruit.

    For lunch I had a nice big salad with leftover asparagus from last night. For a snack I had four dates which were fabulous! I was definitely hungry for dinner but the detox helps with the hunger.

    For dinner I had steamed broccoli and quinoa lentil pilaf.

    Had my tea and headed to bed. I’m a bit hungry. Going to suck down some more water! Massage tomorrow!

    Be well!