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  1. Yay for dates!

    May 8, 2012 by Heather

    Today I’m feeling less nauseous. My pain levels are still high and I slept in a bit. I don’t think I’m giving my body the rest it needs but where to find the time? I have kept moving with Yoga and walks with the dog. My body definitely misses the strenuous workouts. I think I’m sweat deprived! But I’m having a knee issue on top of everything else so probably a good time to let it heal.
    So I’ve been really missing dates. I didn’t think we could have them but today I asked and we can! That made my day!! I was at Whole Foods today but didn’t grab them because I wasn’t sure. I may need to make a special trip tomorrow!
    Fruit again for breakfast. Bought some more today. I was down to slim pickins’. I had half a serving of Tropical Shakeology again for a snack with coconut milk and blueberries.

    Lunch was the rest of my pinto beans and rice and leftover veggies. The guide called for a salad but I didn’t want the veggies to go bad. I added a bit of avocado and some dressing.

    Dinner was sweet potato and red pepper bisque and roasted asparagus. The asparagus was so yummy! I used an orange pepper because that’s what I had.

    I’m actually enjoying the detox. I think it tastes yummy and it’s filling!

    Off to bed because I have another full day tomorrow!
    Be well!

  2. Carb-phobic!

    August 31, 2011 by Heather

    Yup, this thought process dies hard! 

    I’m going about my day….I stop at Trader Joe’s and pick up some dates.  I get home and pop one into my mouth.  WOW!!!  They are fantastic!!!  (Yes, I’ve never had a date!!)  So I proceed to look at the label.  HOLY CRAP!!!!  It has how many carbs and grams of sugar?????  First reaction?  Spit it out!!!!!  I did not do this of course.  But I immediately went into freak out mode!  I’m going to get fat eating these was my first thought.  Ask my food accountability partner, I immediately texted her…”did you see how many grams of sugar these things have??” 

    So I thought I was over my carb phobia.  Based on this reaction, I’d say I’m not!  BUT….I have been eating the dates all week whereas before I probably would have thrown them out.  I have been eating a plant based diet for the last month that has a lot more carbs than I am used to.  And going in my fear was gaining weight.  I have not gained weight, if anything I have lost.  So I guess I need to trust the process and not freak out.  But I will not lie, it is not easy!!!!!

    Stay tuned…..