I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since Shakeology entered my world!  It’s been an amazing journey!  Instead of telling you all about the fabulous ingredients in this shake because you can read all about it for yourself, I’d like to tell you about my personal journey with it.  

Five years ago, my Coach Fran called me from our annual Summit to tell me about this fantastic new product they were revealing.  It was this awesome shake that was going to transform our business, and oh it was $120 a bag.  What?!  There was NO way I was paying $120/mth for powder!  But this was my business right and I atleast needed to give it a go.  I ordered a bag and the rest is history!  I have not been without the stuff since and if someone tries to take it from me it won’t be pretty!  

So what has it done for me?  Well, as many of you know I have Fibromyalgia.  With this condition comes fatigue and a lack of energy.  It has done wonders for my energy level and my Fibro pain.  I used to suffer from migraines 3-4 times a week.  I very rarely get one now and if I do I can usually kill it with an extra shake that day.  I have always suffered my IBS.  It is a condition that often goes along with Fibro.  I cannot tell you how much this shake has improved my digestion.  I am regular again and if you are not regular you know how fantastic this is!  

If you go to my testimonials page you’ll find lots of people just like me that have had great results with this product.  I would pay twice the amount for it because I know it is worth much more than the $120 I pay for it.  It has given me a huge portion of my life back and for that I am truly grateful.  Did I mention it tastes awesome too!?  I would drink poo if it would make me feel better but the fact that it tastes awesome is an added plus!!  

I encourage everyone to give it a try.  When our bodies have the proper nutrients they function better.  Do I know which ingredients do what?  Nope!  There are over 70.  But do I really need to know?  All I need to know is there is nothing artificial and that it helps me and so many others.  If you have any questions that I can answer please reach out.  I’m happy to help!


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