May, 2012

  1. I did it! 21 days on the Ultimate Reset!

    May 21, 2012 by Heather

    I, Heather Conley, managed to go 21 days without doing a strenuous workout! How do I feel after the reset? Digestion is fantastic! Pain levels are still high but I’m only one day out.

    This morning I did Les Mills Pump and it was tough! I guess that’s why they say to come back at 50%! I’m feeling it now! I’m feeling my bad shoulder and knee so I’m thinking I need some joint support before I resort to a cortisone injection.

    I was excited to have something other than fruit for breakfast! I had some quinoa with blueberries, coconut milk and chia seeds.

    For lunch I had my salad which I’ll continue. I was super excited to have a chocolate Shakeology for a snack! I drank it super slow so I could notice if it bothered me. So far so good! I do think I’ll alternate chocolate and tropical though.

    For dinner I had black bean chili with avocado and brown rice chips. Super yummy! Before bed I’ll do my protein shake in water. Instead of having my piece of chocolate Shakeology bark I’m drinking my water and will have some tea in a bit.

    So what were my results? I lost 5 pounds and a whopping 6.75 inches! I’m astonished really! I didn’t think I had anything to lose and had recently lost over 4 inches with Les Mills Pump. I’m very excited to see what round 2 of Les Mills Pump brings! Enjoying the journey!

    Be well!!

  2. Step away from the dark chocolate caramels!

    May 16, 2012 by Heather

    Day 17 of the Ultimate Reset. Today I went to Trader Joes and was oggling the dark chocolate covered caramels. I can normally walk by without a second glance but not today. Feeling hungry today and I think I’ve been having low blood sugar in the mornings. I seem to be ok with that after breakfast though. My pain levels are still high. Had acupuncture yesterday so hoping that helps some. I’m almost tempted to do some cardio to see if that helps but I can wait a few more days, right?

    I had my fruit for breakfast yesterday and today.

    Yesterday I had a salad for lunch and today I had the Moroccan salad which was super yummy. And of course I had half a serving of Tropical Shakeology for a snack.

    Last night for dinner I had curried cauliflower, brown rice and coconut kale. The cauliflower was fantastic like that! Tonite I had garlic veggies, millet and butternut squash.



    Today I got my alkalanize, detox and optimize so I’m ready to go post reset!

    Be well!

  3. Hide the almond butter!

    May 14, 2012 by Heather

    Today I wanted to eat my entire jar of almond butter! Fear not, I abstained!

    Day 1 of week 3 today! I missed the detox and my tummy was a little weird with the revitalize. I’m assuming that will pass though. I had some stomach upset when I started the detox too. My pain levels are still super high. It’s supposed to rain for another three days here. I’m looking forward to seeing what this week brings and some chocolate Shakeology next week!

    I’ve had my fruit for breakfast the last two days, a salad for lunch and half a tropical shakeology for a snack.

    Last night I had the roasted corn succotash again because it was that yummy and the squash with garlic tahini which was equally as yummy!

    Tonite I had garlic veggies, quinoa and sweet potato. The grain in phase 3 is optional but I’m eating it otherwise I’ll be a very hungry girl!

    Be well my friends!

  4. Smelling the banana…

    May 12, 2012 by Heather

    I admit it. Today I smelled the banana when I was cutting off Dwig’s slice! Big pat on the back for not chomping off a piece!

    Yesterday I hopped out of bed before the alarm! Huge for me! That didn’t happen this morning unfortunately. Stay tuned….
    Pain levels are still super high but digestion is fabulous! I had some reflexology today and she picked up on kidneys and digestion amongst some other things. Makes total sense.

    Today I ordered the detox on autoship. I had previously ordered the alkalinize and optimize. My hope is that my digestion will stay this way!

    Yesterday I went to my yoga class and my upper body felt like I’d been lifting weights all day. My bad shoulder is really bothering me so I did Stretch 40 from Turbo Fire today. May need to back off on the Yoga next week.

    I’ve had my fruit for breakfast both yesterday and today.

    A salad yesterday and today for lunch.

    Last night for dinner I had beets, quinoa and coconut collard greens that were super yummy!

    I loved the coconut collard greens so much I made the kale up that way tonite. I had that with roasted corn and edamame succotash that was to die for! I think I prefer the coconut collards over the kale.

    One more week to go!

    Be well!

  5. Don’t forget your shaker cup….

    May 10, 2012 by Heather

    I had a massage today and I think it was the most painful massage ever! Toxins leaving my body? Not sure, but even my calves had knots! I have a tear and bursitis in my right shoulder and even that is bothering me. I’m thinking the daily Yoga is aggravating it. Funny thing is it didn’t bother me this much when I was doing Pump. Slathered some arnica cream on it today. Pain levels otherwise are still high. I hear there are solar flares happening. But that’s another story for another time!

    I brought all my supplements with me to my massage so that I could eat when I got home. Tip…don’t forget the shaker cup to mix your detox! Managed to mix in my water bottle but it was messy! When does the mental clarity come in? 🙂

    Had my fruit for breakfast.

    For lunch I had leftover quinoa lentil pilaf with some leftover veggies and avocado. And for a snack I had half a serving of Tropical Shakeology.

    For dinner I had steamed kale and hearty vegetable Miso soup.
    I will definitely miss the detox. It keeps me full.

    Half way through! Be well my friends! Hoping to get to bed early and not sure if I’ll hit yoga tomorrow. Might be best to rest the shoulder.

  6. Mmmm… Chocolate Shakeology bark!

    May 9, 2012 by Heather

    No, I didn’t have any but boy do I want some BAD!
    Raining here again! Do I sound like a broken record? Surpringly my pain level was not bad for the first part of the day. Then my cat got loose in the holistic vets parking lot and I had to chase her and roll under a truck to get her! Pain levels are back needless to say.
    Today I noticed my skin has a glow and my eyes are brighter. I have been noticing I’m less bloated. I’m down about 2.4 pounds. I honestly did not expect to lose much during this process as I was already vegan and lost some when I switched.

    For breakfast I had my fruit.

    For lunch I had a nice big salad with leftover asparagus from last night. For a snack I had four dates which were fabulous! I was definitely hungry for dinner but the detox helps with the hunger.

    For dinner I had steamed broccoli and quinoa lentil pilaf.

    Had my tea and headed to bed. I’m a bit hungry. Going to suck down some more water! Massage tomorrow!

    Be well!

  7. Yay for dates!

    May 8, 2012 by Heather

    Today I’m feeling less nauseous. My pain levels are still high and I slept in a bit. I don’t think I’m giving my body the rest it needs but where to find the time? I have kept moving with Yoga and walks with the dog. My body definitely misses the strenuous workouts. I think I’m sweat deprived! But I’m having a knee issue on top of everything else so probably a good time to let it heal.
    So I’ve been really missing dates. I didn’t think we could have them but today I asked and we can! That made my day!! I was at Whole Foods today but didn’t grab them because I wasn’t sure. I may need to make a special trip tomorrow!
    Fruit again for breakfast. Bought some more today. I was down to slim pickins’. I had half a serving of Tropical Shakeology again for a snack with coconut milk and blueberries.

    Lunch was the rest of my pinto beans and rice and leftover veggies. The guide called for a salad but I didn’t want the veggies to go bad. I added a bit of avocado and some dressing.

    Dinner was sweet potato and red pepper bisque and roasted asparagus. The asparagus was so yummy! I used an orange pepper because that’s what I had.

    I’m actually enjoying the detox. I think it tastes yummy and it’s filling!

    Off to bed because I have another full day tomorrow!
    Be well!

  8. Be one with the Detox…

    May 7, 2012 by Heather

    Today I started the Detox phase of the Ultimate Reset. The first one I drank made my belly feel icky, my throat feel weird, and overall just made me feel crummy. Then throughout the day I was nauseous. In fact, I’m still nauseous. My pain levels are still super high. We had one nice day here but we are in for 4 more days of rain. So I’m keeping this short and heading to bed!

    For breakfast I had fruit. Surprisingly I wasn’t hungry until just before lunch.

    For lunch I had another big salad. And I had a half portion of Tropical Shakeology for a snack.

    For dinner I had steamed veggies and pinto beans and rice. That was super yummy!

    Off to bed!
    Be well

  9. A Mom’s work….

    May 6, 2012 by Heather

    Yesterday my dog started getting sick. I had planned on getting to bed early and sleeping in. But I was hauling her crate upstairs at 11 p.m. and was up several times during the course of the night to clean up after her. And I was up earlier than I wanted because she was barking.
    My stomach was a bit off today. This is the first time since starting the Reset, which is great since it hasn’t been right since I had the parasite in October. I’m thinking I was stressed about Mia being sick because I didn’t eat anything I hadn’t already on the Reset. I also woke up with a stiff neck and the headache came back. My pain levels are still super high too. My yin yoga class helped a bit. The moon is doing funky stuff and it has been damp here so I think that is most of the issue.
    Tomorrow I start week 2, the detox phase. Oh and I lost a pound! Ya… I honestly wasn’t expecting to lose much in this process. I am, however, noticing less bloating which is fantastic. I think I’ve been bloated since October!
    This morning was my last day of oatmeal for two weeks. Oy….

    For lunch I had a big salad. I didn’t get to eat my snack because I was at yoga during that time. Bummer because this was the last day I could have my apple with almond butter. Oh how I love almond butter!

    For dinner I had leftover roasted veggies from last night over brown rice, baked tempeh, and the avocado I forgot at lunch.

    Sucking down more water now and headed to bed.

    Be well!

  10. Agave saves the day….

    May 6, 2012 by Heather

    I’m cranky. Yup, I’m cranky because I’m hungry and tired and my pain levels are up. Headed to bed here shortly because tomorrow is another day!
    Yes so I’m hard on myself. I expected no challenges going into this besides workout withdrawal. After all, I’m vegan already, I love to cook and I already drink a ton of water. But the truth is I’m challenged by the meal prep, only because it’s different than what I’m used to, not because it’s hard. I’m also frustrated with myself for craving things I usually have no desire for. Today I saw a sign for iced coffee and all of a sudden wanted one! I don’t even like iced coffee!! What’s up with that?! I’m above all that craving stuff, no?
    Today I had an “incident” with my alkalinize. I brought it with me to drink after I got my hair done so I could have my snack when I got home. I opened the package in the car and green stuff everywhere! I tried to rub it off my pants and car seat but that only made it worse. My snack was yummy though!
    Onto the food….
    For breakfast I had oatmeal. One more day and no oatmeal for two weeks. Sigh…..

    For lunch I had the quinoa salad and some raw veggies and hummus.

    For a snack I had an apple and almond butter.
    And for dinner I had roasted veggies, toasted millet and zucchini cashew soup. I was craving something sweet after dinner so I put a bit of agave in my herbal tea. I was a bit less grumpy after so yay for agave!

    Week 1 ends tomorrow. Until then…

    Be well!